Lotus Traveler, Upgrading server without stress

This document is about Android Lotus traveler deployment.

I’m sure that you have many doubts for when is the best moment for upgrade your Lotus Traveler production server. Perhaps this procedure isn’t the best, but for me it has been the better method for silent upgrade. I have many Android Devices deployed with old Lotus Traveler software.

lotustraveler Theory.

You have one Lotus Traveler Server version 8.5.3.x (NO Upgrade pack x)  with 500 user or more and you need to upgrade server version to 8.5.3 UP2 for example.

The first thinking is that tomorrow you will have 500 users calling you for message that appears in their phones. Some could upgrade fine other users could cancel upgrade and other users could have error during upgrade.

If you don’t want calls, perhaps you would like to upgrade your server and the devices won’t ask for upgrade version.
Wel, there is a Notes.ini var NTS_CLIENT_UDATE=PATCH that it forces server to not deploy new client software to devices.

STEPS To successful deployment

  1. Cut off all request from devices to server  (In my case i had disable Reverse Proxy)
  2. Backup of your device software (APK file) from Data/domino/html/traveler/LotusTraveler/android/LotusTraveler.apk
  3. Upgrade your Lotus Traveler server (remember that all device request are cutted)
  4. After Upgrade you can see that there is a notes.ini parameter NTS_CLIENT_UPDATE=FULL and your old APK is deleted
  5. Restore your old device software in Folder  Data/domino/html/travelerclients/LotusTraveler/android/versionnumberfolder/LotusTraveler.apk
  6. Start your server (devices can’t connect still)
  7. Type console command “set config NTS_CLIENT_UPDATE=PATCH”
  8. Open your http(s)://yourserver/lotustraveler.nsf/xClientSoftware.xsp in your browser, and change default client to your old client.
  9. Enable device requests

Later you could schedule upgrade for devices software for individual users, user groups, etc in Lotustraveler.nsf or in my case I have deployed new version in devices with airwatch MDM


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